Top 5 reasons to keep your home search going now

Real Estate

If you've been in 'home search' mode over the past several months, or maybe just thinking about starting your search, you may be thinking about waiting until early next year to get started again.  We hear a lot of stories about how real estate goes 'dark' during the months of November, December and January.  

That may have been true in the past, but I can assure you that the buying and selling of real estate in the Denver area is VERY active during these months.  Yes, the number of transactions decreases during this period, however there are still over 3000 homes sold EACH MONTH during this time.  Here's why I think it's a great time to buy (or sell) a home in the upcoming months:

1.  Interest rates remain near historical lows.  For buyers, that increases your purchasing power.  For sellers, it increases the pool of buyers for your home.
2.  Only serious buyers are trudging through the cold and snow to look at houses.  That's great for sellers and also reduces the competition for buyers.
3.  Homes remain on the market for a little longer.  That allows a buyer to think through their decision instead of jumping in too soon because of competing offers.
4.  Buying a home during colder months allows the buyer to inspect how well the home is heated and whether there are any 'drafts' in the home.
5.  There's nothing like starting the new year off in a new home, with new goals and excitement for the coming year!

If you'd like to take my advice and ramp up your search during the coming months, please give me a call!